Friday, December 30, 2011

How to make New Years a happy time for your dog.

The HUGE end-of-year celebration is fast approaching! Did you know it is also one of the most prevalent times of year that result in missing pets, as many pets become frightened and dart out open doors. The onslaught of extra people in the house (or lack thereof, if you're away) can bring on anxiety, as can the noise that sometimes accompanies the festivities. Fireworks and, in some cases gunfire, are unfamiliar and frightening to pets of all species.
Here are a few things to keep in mind, and tips to help keep pets safe, sound and happy:

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  1. bugger! i cannot leave a comment on your new page. it's denying me, giving me a password error. :o! so i shall leave it here. :)

    excellent article! i've often worried about "other peoples' dogs." noticing that dogs roam free at house-hosted cocktail parties, i ALWAYS seem more focused on the dogs' safety than upon peoples' "intellectual conversation." (dogs are more interesting to me, anyway, haha). people truly must pay more heed to their doggies to avoid a bad happening. i might be a little obsessive compulsive about my gwendolyn's safety, but people need to amplify the safety notch concerning their poochies. no gin for gwendolyn! ;) x ~ i'm posting a link to this article at my facebook page,