Monday, October 31, 2011

5 Ways That Owning A Dog Can Save You Money:

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1. Your Physical Health
Owning a dog could potentially save you thousands of dollars on gym classes and medical bills – it could even save your life. Depending on breed, your dog probably requires a good amount of exercise, and who better to exercise with than you? Even the tiniest of dogs need to be walked, but you can also take your dog with you when you go running, hiking, swimming or biking. This will allow you to get in better shape, lose weight, and lower your blood pressure.
2. Your Emotional Health
In addition to improving your physical health, dogs and other pets have been shown to be great for stress management and relief, which in turn reduces medical expenses for stress-related illnesses and even extends lifespan. Owning an animal can also decrease your level of loneliness, especially if you live by yourself or are home alone often. When my husband left for job training through the week, I loved having my dog around because I never felt alone. Somehow it made me feel more comfortable. There is something uplifting about an animal that loves you unconditionally. Having a dog can greatly improve your mood and alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder or depression, if you are a sufferer.
3. Home Security
I don’t think that anyone would ever break into my house because my dog sounds so vicious. She is actually very sweet and loving, but she gets very excited and protective if a stranger comes to the door. Studies have shown that potential burglars are put off by barking dogs. Home security systems can cost thousands of dollars to install plus monthly fees. Using your dog as your home security system can be a great savings, and help prevent home burglary and break ins.
4. Entertainment
Dogs are a lot of fun! I think my husband and I have more laughs because of our dog than anything else. There are also so many (free) activities that you can do with your dog or because you have a dog. Learning how to train dogs is also a fun, challenging and very rewarding activity.
5. Learning Responsibility
You never know what you can learn from owning a dog or pet, but one of the most valuable lessons is responsibility. Dogs require a lot of care; they need to be fed, walked, played with and trained. It takes discipline and self-motivation, life skills that have applications in all areas of life, including money management. The lessons that you learn from a dog are priceless, and you never know, they might just help you succeed in life and in your career!
How has owning a dog saved you money and added to your life? How much do you think you’ve saved as a result?

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  1. my dog SAVED my life!

  2. Nicole,
    Your story of how Gwendolyn came into your life and how she changed it so drastically is so inspiring! Kudos to you and Gwendolyn!!! =)