Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep Your Shih Tzu Busy and Prevent Household Damage

Is your Shih Tzu chewing up everything he/she sees?  If so, you’re probably desperate for a solution.  You’re definitely not alone either.  There are many people that come home to find their flowerbeds have been dug up and their shoes torn apart.

You can stop this problem so put any doubts out of your mind now.  It’s important to understand why your Shih Tzu is a chewing or digging.  This usually happens because they are bored.  Perhaps you are frequently away from your home or are very busy.

Some people will want to consider getting a playmate for the Shih Tzu.  This can keep them busy even when you’re not there to play.  Be careful though because the plan may backfire.  You might find that you have twice the holes and destruction!

Better yet, you should make sure your Shih Tzu has something to do.  You might place special treats around your yard and give out special toys as entertainment.  It’s not hard to find things that will entice your Shih Tzu right away from doing something bad.

You can get dog toys in many different places.  Some locations even have inexpensive dog toys that won’t set you too far back in your bank account.  Do keep in mind that the toy must be large and durable enough to prevent a choking hazard.  Most dog toys are made this way so you should not substitute dog toys with another kind of toy not made for dogs unless you’re sure it’s safe.

Some Shih Tzu’s are rougher than others so you should make sure it will stand strong against your dog’s teeth.  You might wan to invest a little more money getting a tough toy instead of a cheap one that will fall apart.  It is also dangerous in that smaller pieces could get stuck in your dog’s throat or stomach.

To make things even more enticing you can purchase dog toys that allow you to put a treat inside.  The task of getting the treat out will occupy your dog for a nice long while.  If it’s hot outside you might want to consider getting the kind of dog treat you freeze.  Your dog will enjoy playing with it until it unfreezes.

If money is an issue you can tie two large socks together to make a nice chew and tug of war toy for your Shih Tzu.  These are great and the dog won’t even notice the difference.  The only trouble is that they will need someone to play tug of war with so it might not work as well when you’re not home.

To keep your Shih Tzu truly interested you might want to switch the toys up every now and then.  That way the toys will seem fresh and they won’t get bored as easily.  You can even put something like vegemite on the toys to make them twice as interesting. 

All it takes is some careful planning on your part and you can ensure that they will always have something to do.  Even if you can’t be there with them for certain parts of the day they will be able to have a good time and stay out of trouble.

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