Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend Re-cap!

What an AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL weekend I had with my family, friends, and Shih Tzu!!!  Here is a quick re-cap. We headed back to Jason's hometown of Rimersburg, PA for the weekend.  The closer we got to Rimersburg, the more it looked as if we entered a snow globe!! Maddie was enjoying the snow and was very attentive watching it fall to the ground.

We also visited with Jason's grandpa who is very ill at the moment. It always amazes me the level of grace and patience dogs have with the elderly. She loved visiting with Jason's grandpa and greeted him with a tail that goes around and around in circles. Grandpa Murray was pretty tired after a day of activity but still managed to pet and talk to Madison. When his hand would get tired and stop petting her, she would stay still for a few minutes and then gently nudge his hand with her head to resume their petting ritual. It warmed my heart in so many ways!

Lastly, we finished up our Sunday with our usual for this time of year, we watched the STEELERS beat the Patriots with good friends of ours! What a game it was! It was so nice catching up and spending some time together.

It was a fun weekend and we are all exhausted! I hope everyone had a great weekend too. I'll be catching up with you all this week with more posts about our furry little friends who are so near and dear to our hearts! <3


  1. is madison also good around babies? gwendolyn LOVES babies!

  2. Maddie LOVES babies!! My best friend has an almost 1 year old and they are best friends! It's been that way since she was born. Now that the baby is crawling and more mobile, Maddie is more alert and ready to move if the baby gets excited around her. Nonetheless, it's SO adorable!! =) How does Gwendolyn react around babies??

  3. renee, i'm unsure of why, but i'm not receiving notifications when you respond to my comments! so i proactively read your archives and realised that you posed this question! so sorry for the late response!!! around babies? gwendolyn will do a dog "coo." she'll lay on the ground, getting to their level, pretending that she's one of them! and with children just a bit older, gwendolyn'll sit on her rump, getting to their level, expecting to be pet. it's adorable! she's more comfortable around children than i am! :) you'll need to post videos of maddie crawling around with your BF's baby! please! gwendolyn and i will watch it together! x